Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a wednesday in boston (lyn)

No voice and bad weather don’t get in the way of having a good day.

I can’t talk on the phone as my voice has all but disappeared.  When I call Alexander, I need to whisper for him to understand me.  My mother is optimistic because she does not want me sick for Thanksgiving.  When I speak to her, she says, “You sound better today,” even though I clearly sound worse. 

The weather is bleak; a cold rain fills the day.  Hair appointments, eating, and shopping-without-buying are pretty much all M and I do.  We are even too busy to stop for lunch, but by four we are starving.  We are in a mall and find a little stand that serves all-fruit smoothies. But then we pass a Lindt Chocolate Shop where free samples are being handed out.  I try an orange-filled dark chocolate truffle and then buy half a pound. 

We have dinner at Legal Sea Foods and I order what I always do there--- baked stuff shrimp.  What starts as a leisurely dinner ends in a rush. Alexander’s bus from Ithaca arrives earlier than expected.  So much for the anticipated holiday traffic.

We get a chicken Caesar salad to go, pick up Alexander and drive back to M’s house.  After Alexander finishes eating, and just as M and I and T and Harrison are about to crash, Alexander asks, “So, what do you want to do now?”  

Ah, to be in college where life begins while most of the world sleeps.

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