Sunday, November 13, 2011

weekend recap (lyn)

Movies, theater and eating.  Basically, this is how I spend all my time lately, and this weekend is no exception.  Remarkably, these activities have been costing little.

Robyn and her friend Richard come over to watch a new in-theater movie (Margin Call)  that is also playing on PPV. Robyn, who is incapable of coming over empty-handed, shows up with baked apples and raisins cooked with diet black cherry soda (it tastes so much better than it sounds), and Richard brings red wine.  Robyn also supplies the wine glasses and an opener. 

Food Cost: Zero.
Entertainment Cost: $6.99 for the 3 of us to watch a just-released movie.
Other Cost: Realization that I need to buy wine glasses.

See an off-off-Broadway play with Jill downtown, Boy Gets Girl.  The theater is in  a hard-to-find building on lower Broadway and requires trudging up four flights of stairs to get there.  But it’s worth it.  The play is well-acted, well-written, and well-staged. It’s the story of a girl whose blind date ends up stalking her.  Jill and I decide to skip dinner before and the play ends late so we skip coffee after.

Food Cost: Zero.
Entertainment Cost: $4.00.
Other Cost:  Don’t even pay for transportation as Robyn lends me her unlimited monthly metro card.

Meet Shari to see a BAFTA screening of My Week With Marilyn.  Afterwards, we watch from the second row as Simon Curtis (the director), Michelle Williams, and Kenneth Branagh are interviewed.  I can’t imagine Ms. Williams not receiving an Oscar nomination for this role;  she is extraordinary.

Food Cost: Zero dollars but lots of points:  I bring a bag of tasteless 3-point popcorn, but mix in chocolate covered pomegranate candies.
Entertainment Cost: Zero.
Other Cost:  Take advantage of the 20% Friends and Family sale at Bloomingdales and buy six wine glasses as a result of Friday’s entertainment.

So in summary, I eat in all weekend.  I see two new movies and a play.  I spend time with a few different friends. I eat smartly (somewhat).  I spend little.  It’s a nice weekend.

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