Friday, November 18, 2011

bob evans, I love you (m)

This (Jamestown, New York) is the town that time passed by.  It used to be an old mill town but, as times changed, life moved on everywhere but here.  Even the weather has been unkind to this place.  On Tuesday night, one of our families got caught in a tornado, her car spun around.  Last night, it snowed, bilzzard-like conditions for about an hour (the same time I was walking to the rink, sans socks).

We have been scratching our heads, wondering where to eat here.  Every egg seems to be processed beyond recognition, all chicken parts are fried.  Lots of pizza, strombolis and calzones.  The local grocery store has dust on the packages.

And then, I saw it.  A Bob Evans restaurant.  I remember these from our trips with Sam's baseball teams to the South.  Bob Evans...who could argue with a motto that says, "Where we treat strangers like friends and friends like family?"

I had a hard time convincing the Whole Foods crowd that we should eat here.  I found a menu in the lobby of our Best Western hotel (along with a pamphlet for the Cutco factory ("knives sharpened free" --I'm kicking myself for not having brought my set of knives with me on this trip).

The menu speaks for itself.  Breakfasts all day.  Lots of soups, sandwiches, Thanksgiving dinner (and you can pre-order your own Thanksgiving in a Box with all the trimmings for your own holiday dinner at home).  The salad section has the full count of protein, carbs, calories and fat.  Who can argue with this?  The price point is under 10 dollars for every item.

I got the chicken pecan salad. $8.99.  Free ice tea refills.  That was lunch yesterday.  Today, I get the egg white omelet with mushrooms, spinach, onions and broccoli. Divine.  $7.99.

Little by little, word is getting around the rink that this is the place to eat.  Today, Harrison and I see a few more of our Bob Evans recruits at the restaurant.

I'm happy here.  A clean room at the Best Western and a good meal at a great value at Bob Evans.

What more could you ask for?

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