Friday, November 11, 2011

birthday boy (lyn)

My son was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City on November 11, 1992.  Valerie pointed out then, the symmetry in the date, because 9 plus 2 is also 11. 

So for a very long time I have thought about today, 11-11-11.

In 2009, I wrote on this blog:
…it strikes me that two years from today my son will be in college.  It makes me more than a little sad.

Then last year I wrote:
...I can’t help but wonder where Alexander will be next year on his special 19th birthday.

So, today is that day.  My glorious son is 19. 

This is only the second time I have not been with Alexander on his birthday.  When he was in 8th grade, Alexander was at a mandatory eight-day program at Horace Mann’s John Door Nature Laboratory in scenic Washington Connecticut.  He was with his friends, and together they celebrated Alexander’s 14th birthday.

Tonight, Alexander will be with new friends in scenic Ithaca.  And tomorrow, Alexander’s paternal grandparents are going up to school to take him and a few friends out to dinner. Like so many birthdays, this one will be spent with friends and family celebrating around food,  though the food of course will not be remembered.

When Alexander turned one, I had a small family party for him. 

There I read a poem that I had written for him to celebrate his first year.

When first I held you in my arms,
I knew not what to do.
A scrawny, bloody, six-six babe,
And I a mother new.

So tiny felt your little bod,
I loved its every bit.
All wrapped in skin so plentiful,
It hardy seemed to fit.

And with much pride, objective I
Did think I’d simply be.
But Gerber model you were not.
More like, they said, E.T.

With light brown fuzz and absent brows
And crust in your left eye.
A micro-munchkin baby you
Sized out to your dad’s thigh.

Your lilliputian features were
A reason to be smitten.
Val was right in commenting,
“He’s like a little kitten.”

In time you’ll know that I am not
Proficient as a cook.
But every hour your first weeks
You stared that starring look.

So like your dad you started out
Devoid of normal fears.
With deep dark eyes and thin sweet lips
And oh such lovely ears.

I loved to rock you cradled in
My arms-it was so grand.
If only for a moment since
So soon you wished to stand.

At 7 weeks you laughed out loud.
At 8 you slept all night.
But I woke then, as I do now,
To see you breathe all right.

Buddha Baby you were called
And Sandro, Junior too.
Chief Wetface for a little while.
There’s more, that’s just a few.

And yes it took a month or two
For nonno to admit.
His ever-active grandson to
Great cuteness did submit.

The bravest boy, you never cry,
From any fall or thud.
Not even at the doctor’s when
He took from you some blood.

So good you are my precious son
You eat all on your plate.
To bed you go when I say night
Then soundly doze ‘til light.

I love to watch you sleeping
Sweet wet ringlets hug your hair.
With little legs tucked tightly
And your tush high in the air.

Always on the move somewhere
You never park and stay.
But still a shock it was to find
You on your high chair tray.

And though I may be guilty of,
A tad bit too much braggin’.
But how can life get better than
To watch you push your wagon?  

A million-trillion zillion toys
Of many stores I’ve rid.
Most bought in vain, since you’d prefer,
To steal my coffee lid.

A little athlete you’ve become-
So sturdy, you don’t fall.
Soon you’ll walk and I will miss
Your funny monkey crawl.

Excitement always lights your face
Delight marks every scene.
With seven teeth just peeking out
You’re one big smile machine.

Everyone who meets you now
It takes them not too long.
To look at me and simply say,
“My goodness he’s so strong.”

And quickly people note of you,
“He truly grins a lot.”
You rarely cry; you hardly whine,
So like a baby, not.

An innocent you are to life
A human yet untainted.
A pallet full of colors bright
A picture still unpainted.

No thoughts you know, no pain you feel.
No thoughts or actions vile.
No sad-based tears, no lonely fears,
No reasons not to smile.

A honey, bunny baby boy
I love you very much.
And hope your magic charming ways
Forever keep their touch.

With open eyes and grabby hands
Amazement on your face.
So eager to take every crumb,
All life you do embrace.

Don’t ever lose the passion and
The awe each new day brings.
For ceiling fans and cordless phones
And other common things.

And while I know that as you grow
Some days will take their toll.
Your happy spirit I do pray
Locks firm within your soul.

Happy birthday, baby.  I love you.


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