Sunday, November 13, 2011

gone missing (lyn)

I’m organizing a kitchen cabinet when I realize I have only two champagne glasses.  This is odd because I remember buying new champagne glasses in June.  It was at the time of Alexander’s prom, and Shari and her husband had come over with champagne and glasses, because I had neither.  I then start to wonder, could I possibly have bought only two glasses?  I rarely drink (I didn’t drink much before ww, and now I don’t for the added reason of extra points), but every now and then I do have people over and we do have a glass or two of something stronger than ice tea.

I go through all my cabinets.  Not there.  I check in closets thinking, could I have bought four glasses but stored two?  I doubt it but I check anyway. 

I even think for a second, could my once-a-month housekeeper have taken two champagne glasses?  This theory is dismissed quickly and I feel some guilt for even considering it.  She is very honest and the most she would take without asking is a can of Diet Coke.

I then go back to my first thought, maybe I stupidly purchased only two?

I bought the glasses at Bed, Bath and Beyond in late May/early June.  I check my American Express statements for May, June and July, nothing for this store.  I look in my check book, and yes, there’s a debit for $140.19, and a notation:  beach chair and wine glasses.  That would be about right for four glasses, a beach chair, and some miscellaneous things.  So now I’m pretty sure I did buy four, but I still have no idea how they could have disappeared in my house.

Could it be like the chocolate croissant and cinnamon swirl that I bought at the Farmer’s Market a week ago, brought home, and never saw again?  Or my white Horace Mann sweatpants that I wanted to wear the other night but were no where to be found?  How do things disappear in my own small apartment?

Having exhausted all places that two champagne glasses could possibly be, I decide that tomorrow I will go back to Bed, Bath and Beyond and re-buy them.

I call Alexander to hear about his weekend.  I don’t know what makes me ask, but I do.  “Hey, you didn’t take a couple of champagne glasses to school did you?”  He starts laughing.  “Oh, ya, I did.”  I think he's kidding; he's not.

I never considered that my son would have taken two champagne glasses to school.  I ask him if he has my Horace Mann sweatpants too; he doesn't.

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