Saturday, November 19, 2011

day old sushi (lyn)

I wake up several times throughout the night, but basically sleep for 13 hours.  I feel a bit better.  Still have a head cold but the sore throat is mostly gone.

So, my big dilemma of the day is this:  Can I eat the sushi rolls I ordered last night and didn’t eat?  I consult three different sources for advice.

First, I ask the sushi chef at Agata when I’m there buying clementines.  “We get our fish fresh every day.  But it probably okay,” he says in hard-to-understand English.  “Would you eat it?” I ask.  He thinks about it and replies, “Probably no, but I think it would be safe.  Just not taste very good.”

Later in the day I call Ging’s, the restaurant that delivered the sushi last night.  They have a more definitive answer.  “The sushi is safe to eat the next day.”

I go to the Farmer’s Market and buy three breakfast cakes to bring for Thanksgiving.  Robyn comes over.  I browse through my new favorite store, Pachute.  I go to Joseph, my cleaners, who can work miracles on fabrics.  I get my hair cut.  I read.  I make some calls.

And now it’s dinner time. I do a google search.  It is amazing how many people have written and commented on the question, “Is day-old sushi safe to eat?”  I sift through many sites and many responses.  The consensus seems to be that while taste may be compromised, there is no safety risk.

Zelia and I are going to see a new play with Jesse Eisenberg called Asuncion.  I figure that if I get really sick, at least I’m with someone who can drive me to the hospital.

I take the sushi out of the fridge.  The spicy crunchy tuna roll (that is not spicy, by request) looks okay, though it’s a little paler pink than I remember it being.  The salmon avocado roll looks fine, except the avocado is not a bright lime green; it's more a dead-looking green with specks of brown.  And the yellow tail avocado roll, which I have never ordered before, looks scary.  I can’t tell which is the avocado and which is the yellow tail.  The rice looks okay, but everything inside the rice is milky grey in color.  It belongs in a black and white movie.

I try the yellow-tail roll first.  I take a bite and spit it out.  Horrid.  It tastes even worse than it looks.  I eat the other two rolls.  They are edible, but not great.

Zelia and I go to the West Village to see Asuncion.  It’s about as good as the rolls I eat…could definitely be better but not dreadful either.

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