Saturday, November 12, 2011

lightening up (lyn)

I do another round of closet and drawer organizing.  I’m trying to get down to only those clothes I truly love.  I come across an elegant, size small Brunello Cucinelli black cashmere cardigan that I have totally forgotten about.  It is in a cleaning bag dated 2007 and hidden in the back of a closet I rarely use.  It fits perfectly, and I have to wonder why it has been abandoned for so long.  Then I find an adorable pale pink TSE cardigan with button snaps, size large, in another cleaning bag from 2006.  I try this on and it is too small.  So much for giving credence to sizes.  Next, I find a size large Michael Kors cashmere cardigan (also in light pink) that I bought in 2009, and have maybe worn once.  It is gorgeous, but too big and boxy for me. 

I take the two pink sweaters (barely-worn-fresh-from-cleaning-bags) over to Designer Resale, the snobby little store that probably has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard.  The salesgirl looks at the sweaters.  She begins to unfold one and then pauses, as if just realizing the color. “I’m sorry, we can’t take these.  It is too late in the season.  Pinks do not sell well here in winter.”  Multi-ply cashmere sweaters, in light colors, are currently on display in stores all over Manhattan.  I tell her this.  She is unmoved.  “If you want to try again in the spring, I’ll take a look at them then.”  Annoyed, I leave.

I give Robyn the itsy bitsy size large TSE sweater and it fits her size zero frame beautifully. I mail the other sweater to my mom.  Shedding clothes is like shedding weight.  I feel so much lighter now.

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