Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I forgot why I called (m)

Taking care of the elderly is exhausting.  Aunt Y is with Aunt X all day long and I don't know how she does it.

I call for a simple check-in and to ask if they want to take a ride to see Cousin Mary sometime soon.  Mary, you may recall, has kidney cancer which was recently diagnosed.

Aunt X: Hello?  Hello?  HELLO!
Aunt X: (Hangs up)

I call back.  Don't ask me why.  Must be some type of self-flagellation.

Aunt X: Hello! (agitated, as if the first call were a crank call).
Me: Aunt X, it's me, M.  How are you?
Aunt X: Oh, M!  It's you.  Someone keeps calling and hanging up!
Me: What's new?
Aunt X: I just got back from the doctor's.
Me: What for?
Aunt X: An ammonia shot.  I don't want to get the flu like last year!
Me: Oh, a flu shot (figuring out that, to her, ammonia=pneumonia).
Aunt Y gets on the phone: M, is that you?  The doctor says she also has amnesia.
Me: What? That doesn't sound right. 
Aunt Y: Well, that's what he said.
Me: How did he determine that?
Aunt Y: Blood test.
Me: Wait a minute...do you mean she has anemia?
Aunt Y: Yes, that's what I said.
Me: No, you said anmesia...that's when you can't remember things.
Aunt Y: Oh...okay.  Anyway, did you call for any particular reason?
Me: I forget.
Aunt Y: Maybe you have amnesia.

I hung up, exhausted.

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