Monday, November 21, 2011

voiceless (lyn)

M calls around 8.  I’ve already been up a while. I answer the phone and realize that I have no voice.  My sore throat is gone but now I cannot talk.  This is not good.

I’m leaving early tomorrow so I decide to rest up and do only vanity-prepping activities.

I get my legs waxed, and immediately feel better.  Then, I use my about-to-expire-manicure-pedicure-10 minute massage gift that I got from Karen last December.  I am so relaxed having my feet washed and scrubbed that I may have fallen asleep.

I’m not that hungry.  I just want  to drink a lot of hot tea hoping it’ll loosen up my throat so I can talk.  By 2:30, I still have no voice.  The many calls I’d planned to make go undialed.

I am supposed to see a screening of IRON LADY tonight, followed by a Q&A with Meryl Streep.  I do want to go, but know I shouldn't.  I reluctantly cancel.

I have a craving for pasta, and buy some ravioli from Agata for dinner.  It’s not the best meal to have pre-Thanksgiving, but it’s easy to swallow, feels nourishing, and is surprisingly satisfying.

I hope my voice returns tomorrow.  One day of being near-mute is more than enough.

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