Friday, November 18, 2011

sam's birthday (m)

Today is Sam's 22nd birthday.  I am with Harrison at a skating competition and Sam is headed to his first hockey game of the season.  Sophie's Choice--I went with Harrison and T is going to Sam's game.

We celebrated Sam's birthday last weekend when he came home for a couple of days.  A nice dinner with the family, Sam's girlfriend J and my nephew Chris.  Dal Frisco's in Boston.  My husband almost choked when he saw the bill.  There's a high price associated with eating well...oysters, Gulf shrimp, Australian lobster, etc.

Sitting in the stands with one of the mothers from our skating club, I learn today that her daughter shares this birth day with Sam.  We compare war stories of what were two traumatic births.

In Sam's case, I was ten days past my due date.  I remember being housebound, waiting for this baby to arrive.  My friend, Mary, came over to distract me by suggesting we do a craft.  She brought wood, an electric drill, hammer, fabric, ribbon and glue.  We made a two-panel screen for my living room (which I still have and is in perfect condition).

Later that night, T got us spicy food from Bertucci's.  I woke up the next day....nothing.  So, I went out shopping at Conran's in Cambridge and bought some blue and white trays.  Got cramps, went into the bathroom there and learned that I was bleeding.

The rest is a blur.  Mary rushed me home; T rushed me to the hospital.  The staff rushed me into the Operating Room.  Sam arrived at 7:40 p.m.  I looked at the clock and realized it was the exact same time another friend was exchanging wedding vows.

The doctor announced it was a boy.  T and I told them the full name.  One doctor said "Lawyer"  another said "Banker."  It was fun...for a minute.  Then the pediatric intensive care people rushed in and whisked him off to a respirator.  I saw him for less than one minute.  He was white and his face was all scrunched up, trying to breathe.

In the recovery room, we waited for news of my baby's condition.  I couldn't stop shaking as the anesthesia was wearing off.  I held the railing of the bed but the shaking was loud.  T was sitting there, stunned as the priest rushed in to say he was doing an emergency baptism on Sam.

While we were waiting for more news, I noticed something that irks me to this day.  T was eating my Tootsie Roll pops which I had packed assuming I would need this when I was in labor to keep my mouth and lips moist.  He took the red one, too.  My favorite.

Funny what we remember.

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