Tuesday, November 22, 2011

lyn blows in (m)

Lyn comes to town today.

We decide to have a relaxing two days before the holidays (plus, I'm still coming down from Jamestown).

After a visit to my favorite store run by a friend (where I got my new favorite VBH bag in blue), we decide to have lunch.

Sitting at the table at Baker's Best, staring unenthusiastically at my salad with a slab of grilled chicken on it, I see a nice-looking man staring at us.  Okay, at Lyn.  This happens alot to Lyn.  She used to turn heads when we went someplace.  Less so now because every guy our age wants to date a 20 year-old, but still, I was happy for her that this guy was looking at her.  Next thing I know, she's talking to him. She appears to know him.

Then, Lyn comes to the table with the nice man and tells me he's an old friend.  "A" sits with us and talks for a bit.  Nice guy.  He reads the blog and is up to date on everything in our lives.  I feel at a disadvantage as I know nothing about him.  Lyn wants to take a picture, but A and I say NO.

We get home and get ready to go meet Lyn's dearest friend, Vivien.  Vivien is the anti-Lyn.  Very cerebral, bohemian in style, not into material things. Works hard at her high-powered job at a major consulting firm.

Vivien chooses a restaurant in Cambridge.  It's Mediterranean. You need a glossary to figure out the menu which features more things I'd never heard of than things I recognize.  I am so overwhelmed by the choices that I go with the prix fixe 5-course vegetarian dinner.  As does Vivien and Lyn.  The waitress is disappointed.  We sit next to two men who are trying to enjoy their meal except for the interruptions from us: "Excuse me...what is that appetizer you are having?"  " Excuse me....how's that lamb?"  "Excuse me....etc."  The man, the general manager of my favorite hotel in Cambridge, is very accommodating.

Having consumed about 50 points, 12 of which I thoroughly enjoy, we go home.

Next time I go to a place like this, I will look online and plan my choices more judiciously.

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