Friday, November 25, 2011

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The day starts with a gigantic breakfast of eggs, ham, bagels, cream cheese, and an assortment of homemade breads (pumpkin, apple, banana, and blueberry).

Next, we all go to Mashpee Commons to walk around.  While the parking lots are full, the stores feel empty.  Our only purchase is ice cream.  A small cone here would be a large anywhere else.

Finding nothing to buy, we decide to see a movie.  Half of us choose to see Like Crazy, while the other half see a terrible movie called The Guard.  There's a sign at the cashier's window.   At 60, I'm a Senior (I need to wait two more years for that privilege in New York).  People must age faster on the Cape.  Because it's a matinee, the senior price is $6.75, vs. the regular price of $7.00.  Alexander comments, "Hey, this is the first time that my movie ticket has cost less than yours."  Like the rest of the Cape, the movie theater is empty.  Michael, Jason Valerie, Abbey and I are the only people seated five minutes before the movie starts.

We are home by five-thirty and eating by six.  Jean has made a delicious but fattening dinner of lasagna, Caesar salad and garlic bread.  This year I resist nothing.

It's a great holiday weekend, made especially sweet by seeing my dad so happy.

I’ll just have to starve myself when I get home.  

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