Friday, November 4, 2011

too many good (?) foods (lyn)

I am talking to Zelia today.  She tells me that she is on a diet.  “I need to lose three pounds, and I just can’t seem to do it.”  Zelia, by the way, is a size zero.  But I do understand.  When your clothes are a little tight, you know it's time to lose some weight.

Since getting back from Ithaca, I, too, need to shed three pounds. And it certainly hasn't helped that I had two amazing dinners with Gail this week (one at Bice on Tuesday where I had the duck breast, and one at Chez Josephine on Thursday where I had amish chicken and dessert)  Even Gail’s decision to skip the bread did not rub off on me.  I heartily ate one or two slices at both restaurants.

Today I eat a reasonable lunch, but get hungry mid-afternoon and decide to “taste” some of those Brookside dark chocolate pomegranates that I bought at Costco last week.  I know that ¼ cup is one serving, and one serving is five points.  I take a small handful, less than a serving.  But they are exquisite, and I take another small handful, and then another.  On the bag there is a bold proclamation:  Natural source of flavanol antioxidants.   At least my many points are healthy ones, or so the bag says.  

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