Wednesday, November 9, 2011

an ordinary november day (lyn)

Another gorgeous day.  Pam and I even walk.  I then pop over to Weight Watchers, as I am required to weigh-in every month in order to keep my lifetime status.  It’s been five weeks since I was last there, and though I have been going sporadically to the same meeting for over two years, I forget the starting time and arrive late.  The room is packed.  Lots of new faces but enough familiar ones to feel comfortable.  I weigh-in: 121.6.  And, I have been eating so much.  A nice beginning to a beautiful day.

See an early screening with Robyn,  Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In.  It’s a brilliant but creepy film and we leave exhausted just from the experience of watching.

Perfect weather.  Screenings almost every night.  New plays opening.  Fallen leaves adorning the streets.  Seeing lots of friends.  Wanting to be out more than in.  Fall in New York, the best time of year.

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