Saturday, March 3, 2012

dinner with lyn and v (m)

The plan was that V would call me as soon as she picked up Lyn at South Station to give me a 30-minute warning to be ready.  I had just jumped off the exercise bike when I realized I hadn't heard from her.  As I am talking to V, I hear Lyn beside her, talking to her sister negotiating the plans for Sunday.  Uh oh...Lyn's 30 minutes ahead of schedule and I haven't even showered.

I sprint to the bathroom and get ready.  I'm just finishing up when V and Lyn arrive at my house.  I peer out of the bathroom window and see Lyn toting a bunch of bags and luggage.  I wait to see if a Sherpa is behind to help.

We greet and play with V's puppy who is like a little Gund bear.  We feast on clementines and pears and head out to shop.  Target and Nordstrom Rack.  Not very exciting, but no damage done.

V choses the restaurant for this evening.  I wasn't enamored as her tastes are far more sophisticated than mine.  I could have had a bucket of steamers and an iced tea.  This place has stuff I can't figure out for the life of me.

Lyn starts with the pictures.  We take pictures in my kitchen, pictures before we go out, pictures at the restaurant.  The clientele is weird.  If you are what you eat, I lose my appetite before we are even seated.  Lyn asks the woman next to her on the bench where we are waiting--a dead ringer for K.D. Lang who is on a date with the Black Medusa-- if she will take our photo.  You'll note it isn't published by Lyn as my mouth is open the whole time trying to figure out if this is a costume party or not.

The problem with small restaurants with limited menus is that, by 8:30 p.m., they are out of the one thing you are actually excited about trying.  In my case (and V's) it is the Duxbury fried oysters.

We split two appetizers three ways.  The "reverse mushroom risotto" is very good, though I am stymied by the reverse part.  It looks like a regular mushroom risotto.  The girl next to me is eating the Red Snapper and --full disclosure--tells me her boyfriend is the seafood chef here.  I order it.  It is good, not great.

V and I are craving the coconut cake for dessert.  One plate, two forks.  It is bad.  The coconut tastes stale and the cake is dry. Had I sneezed, I would not have been surprised if it blew away.

The atmosphere is nice.  The service is great. 

All in all, it is a pleasure spending time with V and Lyn so the food doesn't matter.

Best of all, my car is not towed from its very illegal space.

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