Saturday, March 17, 2012

getting home (lyn)

Last night I speak to Alexander. Despite my urging, he has waited until the last minute to buy his bus ticket home.  When he went to buy his ticket, he was told the Short Line bus company doesn’t accept credit cards.  He should have remembered this from his last trip home but doesn’t.  Further, he tells me he has no money.  Something about a problem with his bank password.  A familiar story.  I choose not to get involved.  My sister, who is in the cab with me during this conversation, is proud of me.  “He has to learn to take responsibility,” she says, and is right.

So that was last night.  The bus he planned to take leaves at 9 this morning.  I text him.  I call him.  I get no response.  I have no idea if he’s on that bus.  The next bus leaves at 12:05.  Maybe he’ll be on that one. 

I go to the Farmer’s Market and buy some things I know he likes: organic whole spelt (have no idea what that is) bread, granny smith apples, a mini apple pie, and a chocolate croissant (one for me too).

At 12:30 Alexander calls.  “Hi.  I’ll be on the 3 o’clock bus.”  He’s just getting up.  Because I can’t resist, I check the schedule.  There is no three o’clock bus, only a two and a four.  I also check the more expensive, and more convenient, non-stop bus service that Cornell offers directly to our neighborhood. Two seats have become available for the 5:30 bus.  I am about to book it when I think, no, let him do this.  Make him responsible. 

I call Alexander back and tell him about the Cornell bus now having an available seat.  "Great.  Book it, " he tells me."  I tell him if he wants the seat he can book it himself.  “Okay.  Where’s the site?” he asks.  I tell him to figure it out.  He does, and calls me back again. “ You have to set up an account.  Please just use your account and book it for me.  It might take me too long and then I’ll lose the seat (they do disappear quickly).”  “Sorry,” I reply.  He hangs up and calls me back a few minutes later, sounding all proud.  “I did it.” 

Should I remind him to buy something to eat before boarding the 5:30 bus that arrives in New York at 11pm?  Nah, he should be able to figure that one out too.

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