Monday, March 12, 2012

something new (lyn)

The ww meetings didn’t work…even the ones where we listed all the excuses for not doing it.  My low bone density score didn’t move me. It should have.  And looking at my increasingly wobbly skin should be a constant reminder of what I need to be doing.  The weather’s getting nicer, summer is approaching, and soon my heavy coats and sweaters will be replaced by skimpier wear.  I’m running out of excuses; I need to start exercising.

Pam called me on Friday, and asked,  “Are we ever going to walk again?”  It’s a fair question.  The last time we walked was in October, and even that was an isolated event. I tell her that on Monday we’ll walk.

I oversleep, and get up around 8:15.  My phone is silent.  Pam hasn’t called.  She’s given up on me.  I call her, and we make a plan to meet in Central Park.  It’s sunny and 71 degrees.  Walking with Pam is effortless.  Our conversation begins as soon as we see each other, and continues long past the 1.58 miles of the reservoir.  It is so pleasant that I forget this is something I should-but-don’t do.

From start to finish it’s a nice 3.6-mile walk.  I'm hoping this is the start of a new healthy habit.

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