Monday, March 5, 2012

little going on (lyn)

Life on the Cape, especailly in the winter, is quiet .  We spend the day and night doing quiet things.
  • My mom and I play gin, and she beats me in 3 out of 4 games.
  • I finish reading a juvenile (literally) book by Harlen Coben, Shelter.  Even as a book for young adults, it is an unsatisfying read.
  • My mom and I have some good, honest conversations.  She is realistic and accepting of my dad's future.
  • We marvel over Ellie, my parent’s adorable three-year old grey cat.  She follows my mother everywhere, even sitting on the counter as my mom puts on her make-up.
  • I teach my mom how to use the DVR.  
  • I try to convince my mom to let me review with her how to use email; she declines (as she usually does) by saying, “Some day. Just not today.”

And we eat.  For lunch I go to Crabapple’s and have fried clams with French Fries.  It is a treat I allow myself twice, maybe three times, a year.  Afterwards, I feel disgusted, as I always do. 

I eat a late dinner, around 9pm.  My parents have already gone to bed.  I have a small salad, which alone would have been good.  But then I ruin it with a piece of berry pie and four chocolate chip cookies.

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