Saturday, March 10, 2012

bitch, bitch, bitch (lyn)

I feel young; I think I look young; but I must be old because I get annoyed at too many things.  Here’s a sampling from today, in chronological order.

I'm expected to walk two blocks out of my way to cross the street  because of construction.  Two blocks and it’s cold.  There are two traffic cops at the place where the construction is going on and as far as I can tell they are not directing traffic.  In fact, they appear to be doing nothing.  

Bloomingdales is promoting its new rewards program today.  There are desks with pretty girls and brochures everywhere.  I do the math and this new program is less advantageous to the consumer than the one it is replacing.  I hate when companies assume the customer is a moron.

I go to TJ Maxx and buy a couple of stoneware dishes from Le Creuset.  I pay on the upstairs level.  A few hours later I go to return them (a story not worth telling).  After waiting in line upstairs, I am told that all returns are handled downstairs.  When I ask the cashier why that isn’t on the giant red sign in front of her that begins with the heading RETURN POLICY, she  responds, “It probably should be, but I don’t make the rules here.”

I see a bus at a red light.  I run up to catch it and knock on its door. The driver ignores me.   He has just pulled away from the curb (as in two feet ago) and therefore will not let me in.   It’s another ten minutes before the next bus arrives.

There’s an ambulance blocking the crosswalk.  I have to walk into traffic to get across the street.  I ask the driver why he can’t just pull up a little.  He testily responds, “I’m an emergency vehicle driver so I can park anywhere,” even when there’s no emergency I feel like asking but don’t.  He’s now perfectly positioned to cause one.

I arrive at my apartment and my doorman, busy clipping coupons,  has his back to the door.

My book club picks a book that a third of us have already read.  We only read about 8 books a year, and to say there are a lot of books we all haven’t read would be an understatement of gigantic proportion.

The chocolate chip cookies I made in late December are still good, and I’m still eating them.

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