Sunday, March 18, 2012

home on break (lyn)

This morning I get an email from Shari.  She writes, “I really hope you are having a fabulous day with Alexander!”

I get up around 8:30.  About five empty Poland Springs bottles litter the kitchen.  I go into the living room.  Alexander’s unopened suitcase and backpack are on the floor.  Around 1:30 Alexander gets up.  I asked him if he wants me to make him eggs.  He declines the offer.  I ask him if he wants to do something.  He declines that offer too.  “I may go over to Starbucks.  I have a lot of studying to do.”  I understand, though I was hoping we’d do something today.  I tell him I’m running out for ten minutes to do a quick errand.  I come home and he’s showered and dressed.  His shaggy hair tamed. Reminds me of a photo I have of his dad when he was 26.

“I’m meeting G to see a movie.  I’ll stay in tonight and study,”  Alexander tells me and leaves.  His bedroom, as my mom would describe it, “Looks like a hurricane hit it.

I order in one of Alexander's favorites for dinner (and mine too), sushi.  He gets back from the movie and announces, “I’m starving.  I need to eat now and then study.”  It’s only five.  So he eats, and then leaves for Barnes and Noble.

I have my sushi alone and finish Dead Hour, by Denise Mina. 

So in answer to Shari, “I love having Alexander home.  I bet it will be fabulous if and when I get to spend time with him.” 

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