Saturday, March 3, 2012

it was the PF Chang's, stupid! (m)

Trying to identify the culprit for my swollen hands, I review what I ate this week.  Mostly, I ate out and do not know exactly how the food was prepared.  I know I am sensitive to sodium and avoid it at all costs.  I haven't added salt to anything in almost three years and search for low sodium foods.

Gail reads my blog and is on the case within seconds.  She and her husband, Dr. Gregg, send me a list of questions to help diagnose the problem.  We come up dry.

Then, I recall a dinner with the skating parents after Harrison and his friends performed in an opening number for the national championships for synchronized skating.  We went to PF Chang's afterwards.  I had never been there before and the parents ordered for me.  We shared dishes, none of them good.  All of them very salty.

Case closed.

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