Monday, March 26, 2012

a lunch too short (lyn)

Abby, Carol, Alice and I meet for lunch.  We last got together in January, so for us, it’s not been that long.  This time, Abby picks the restaurant, Madison and Vine.  Aside from being a little noisy, it’s a great choice.  Everyone is on time, and everyone looks great.  Within seconds of hugging hello, we are in deep conversation.  So much to say and so little time.

I had hoped to eat light, but the menu is too tempting. I order steamed asparagus with a hollandaise sauce and goat cheese for a starter, and an arugula salad with chicken paillard for the main course.  While the food is good, we hardly notice.  We are too involved in all the stories erupting around the table.  We talk about our children, our aging parents, news articles, ethical dilemmas, what if’s, and work.  We get coffee, talk some more, and in seconds, two hours have passed.

I bring my camera and ask the waitress to snap a picture.  She’d probably rather be taking a photo of one of the guys from Queer Eye who is sitting behind us.  He, and his glittery shoes, look more interesting.  But as everyone knows, looks can be deceiving.

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