Saturday, March 24, 2012

final night of break (lyn)

Some fruit for lunch, that’s what I decide.  Alexander and I have plans for a nice dinner.  He’s agreed to dine with me on his last night in town.  Around noon Ellen calls and suggests meeting for coffee that evolves into a date for lunch.  We go to a little French bakery/restaurant nearby.  Calories aside, it’s the perfect little neighborhood place.  I end up getting two mini sandwiches---one tuna and one smoked chicken salad.  Delicious, but not filling.  I am still hungry when we leave. 

Alexander’s day is already traveling at a faster pace than his actions in it.  He gets up late.  He has to work on a paper.  He needs a haircut.  He doesn’t have enough time to see a couple of friends he’d hope to see. He needs to restock on shaving cream.  He has to return a pair of shorts borrowed from a friend.  He'll need to skip our shopping date for spring clothes.  He left his headphones at someone’s house and needs to pick them up.  And, it’s already after one by the time he begins moving.

We  decide on a plan (the movie 21 Jump Street and dinner) late in the day.  The restaurant I’d hope to go to is booked except for a 6pm or 10pm seating.  The burger place we both love (and that doesn’t take reservations) is a twenty-minute wait when we arrive.  We only have an hour before the movie starts.  We leave the burger place and end up seated at a diner near the theater.  It’s so un-special we leave  and go next door to China Fun.  We order spring rolls and two dishes (prawns with vegetables and chicken with broccoli).  Nothing is fried; there are vegetables in abundance; and the food is surprisingly good.  We finish everything and just make the movie.  It’s hilarious.

Tomorrow Alexander returns to Cornell…with, I hope, renewed motivation to do well.  I already miss him.

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