Saturday, March 31, 2012

a thrilling saturday night (lyn)

It's the kind of cold that goes right through you.  Damp and freezing.  Not exactly the going-out-like-a lamb kind of end-of-March day.  Zelia and I meet to see an early movie  (The Hunger Games).  The disturbing premise of the film detracts from its enjoyment.  It’s hard for me to praise a movie about the killing off of young kids sometime in the future.  But then, I’m not the target audience.  Alexander and his friends also see it tonight and love it.

After the movie Zelia and I have dinner at Ging’s. We both order shrimp with vegetables.  She’s a good influence on healthy eating.

On my way home, around 10:30, I stop by Fairway and pick up their tomato-basil soup, some freshly ground French vanilla coffee, a turkey pot pie, and some fruit. The store is packed.  It's good to see others taking full advantage of New York City's exciting nightlife.

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