Friday, July 8, 2011

boy do I look bad (lyn)

It’s been three months since I’ve shopped at Costco and my list has been accumulating.  Today Zelia and I go.

I meet her at her house.  She looks scared when she sees me.  “OMG, what happened to you?”  she asks.  She’s referring to the now giant-sized blister that has developed overnight on my lip.  I explain about my visit to the dermatologist yesterday, but still she reacts as if I might be contagious.

Usually when I shop at Costco I come home with tons of stuff, but nothing to make for dinner.  Not today.  I pick up something new.  Over three pounds of chicken breasts with a sesame teriyaki marinade for just under $13.  I know Alexander will like this.

My blister seems to grow throughout the day.  By the time I see Alexander, he too, looks in horror at my face.  He tells me I look like a platypus.  “C’mon,” I say.  “This isn’t as bad as the time I split my lip open when I fell on the sidewalk.”  “Well at least then it looked like you had gotten hurt.  This ugly-looking thing just looks like it’s part of your face.” 

The chicken is excellent.  I make a little salad with it, and we eat while watching Something Wild with Melanie Griffith and Jeff Daniels.  Every now and then Alexander will look over at me and comment.  “How long are you going to look like that?” he asks.  He even suggests that maybe I should stay home for the next week.

While we are clearing the dishes, he sums it up this way, “You look like someone I wouldn’t want to sit next to on the subway.”  I have to agree.

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