Thursday, July 7, 2011

wake up call (lyn)

7:30.  I’m asleep (Alexander does not want me up when he is getting ready for work, “You stress me out," he says).  The phone rings.  It’s M. She makes no excuse for waking me up so early.  She’s up.  Why shouldn’t I be? 

We talk for a few minutes before she heads to the car dealership to service her car. Before hanging up, she says:  Lyn, I'm looking at this guy across the street.  He just got off the bus... in a wheelchair.  Can you imagine?  He's all crumpled over like he has MS or something yet, somehow, he still got himself up, dressed and on the bus.  And you're still in bed!

Point taken.  I ignore Alexander's rules and get up to make a cup of coffee. 

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