Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"now I recognize you" (m)

Swim class at noon today.  I get to the pool early and acclimate.  The air is too warm, but the water is cool.  I'll live.

The instructor comes in at 12 sharp.  It's J, the woman who taught the class I took 3 years ago!  That was at the other facility.  She's here now.  I love J.

Hi, J, I say.

She gives me a polite smile and says hello.

I can see no recognition in her eyes.  I explain that I'm Carole's friend and she taught me 3 years ago at the other club pool.  She nods, but I can tell no bells are ringing.

She asks where I've been and I tell her about the knees, physical therapy, etc and that I decided it was time to get back to water aerobics (dorky name...feel like some dink from the 1980s).  I tell her about my weight loss and she is excited about that.  Good for you! she says loudly.

I take my place next to two senior citizens, Connie and Cathy.  I tell them those were the names of my two grandmothers.  They are not happy about this news.

About halfway through the class, we do a manuever with the noodle thingies and I'm a mess.  I can't balance myself and do the leg thing at the same time.  The seniors are perfectly in place.  I'm turning around like a top.

All of a sudden I hear, "Now I recognize you!"  It's, J, the instructor.  She's laughing like a hyena. 

Apparently, I'm the most water-spastic person she ever had in class.

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