Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my new beach pillow (lyn)

I believe in creature comforts.  I think they make a difference.

A few years ago I splurge and buy Christofle flatware.  It makes the food we eat at home taste better.  Or if not that, it improves the eating experience.

Last week I buy Alexander his bedding for school.  I ignore the $200-includes-everything-package that a friend sends for an online retailer.  Instead, I buy each piece ala carte.  I know it costs more and takes more time, but Alexander’s sleeping shouldn’t be compromised just because he’ll be at school.

I have a closet full of quality clothes.  Skinny quality clothes.  I’d rather have fewer, good pieces, than lots of disposable ones.  This is probably not a good strategy for someone with no job and no money.  But I like to feel good in my clothes, now that I can also look good in them.

I go to the new Fairway today which just opened on the Upper East Side last week.  The black and white cookies (which I only eat in moderation) are $3.50 for 10 (compared to $8 for 8 at Agata), but the young clerk tells me, when I ask,  that the same cookies by Delancy for $2 more are better.  I buy those instead.

And in the summer, when I spend a fair amount of time on the beach, I want to be comfortable.  I have an orange Telescope chair, with a hood and cup holders in the arms.  I have great slimming suits, and the perfect float.  I thought I had everything until I saw my friend Barbara’s newest chair addition:  a pillow.  It's a small, fuzzy looking thing that hooks onto the back of her chair.  “Try it,” she says.  I do and have to have one. 

Barbara tells me  she purchased it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $20.  I search the internet, and can't find one anywhere.  But I find the company that makes the pillow, MindsInSync.   I call them yesterday.

A lovely customer service rep named D answers the phone.   I explain my problem.  “Let me see what I can do, “ D says.  A half hour later I get this email:

Dear Lyn,

Thank you for taking the time to call MindsInSync Inc. We appreciate you reaching out to us at MindsInSync with your inquiry.

Unfortunately the Microdry Ultimate Luxury Lounge Pillow is only available in select Bed Bath and Beyond stores at the moment. I know that you really want this item and you seem like a very nice person over the phone, so I searched our office and I found the sample that we used in the photo shoot.

If you are ok with getting the sample I will ship it to the address you provided compliments of Minds In Sync. This isn’t a normal occurrence here but I was able to pull some strings to make this happen for you.

Customer Service Liaison

My pillow arrives today.  DF is remarkable; she’s a customer service rep who actually believes in customer service.  I’m lucky she took my call. 

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