Sunday, July 24, 2011

where everybody knows your name...(m)

I live in a small town.  Yet, because I worked for all but the last three years and my kids did not attend the public schools, I don't feel as though I know that many people.

Today, my husband and I take a bike ride.  As I'm struggling mightily uphill by the nearby college I see two women walking and, as I pass on my bike, I hear "That's M!"  I don't recognize their voices and, if I stop,  I never will finish the hill.

Get home, shower, and take Francesca into Boston to meet some people for dinner.

Get home again and my phone is ringing off the hook.  My neighbor, J, whom my husband calls Gladys Kravitz (the nosy neighbor from Bewitched) is on the line.  "Hey girlfriend, saw you on the bike today.  My husband wouldn't let me call your name because he was afraid you'd be hit by a car....if you cross the street you can ride on the sidewalk next time.  Much safer than the street."

Thank Joan, hang up the phone and play back my messages.  "Hi, M, it's B...was that YOU on the bike today?  I couldn't believe my eyes!"

As I figure it, about 30% of the people I know in this town just happened to be out at the exact same time in the exact same location as I was today.

Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket.

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