Saturday, July 30, 2011

reading can be dangerous (lyn)

I can read while being transported.  I particularly like train reading, but reading on a plane, bus or subway is also good.

I can read while I have a manicure and pedicure.

I can read in a doctor’s office, while waiting to be called.

I can read on a beach.  Especially when there’s a nice breeze and water on my toes.

I can read in bed, except not in my own bed.  So when I’m traveling or on vacation, I can read then.  But of course, I no longer do much of either.

But I can't just read at home.  And I have the perfect set-up.  A comfy leather chair with a nice ottoman.  A great reading light next to it.  And even a cozy blanket to wrap myself in (not that I need that today).  Still, none of this works unless….

well, unless I’m also eating.  It’s a rather new and alarming discovery about myself.  It makes reading slower, and of course provides potential for unnecessary snacking.

Take today, for instance.  Alexander has gone to the Hamptons.  I’ve been to the Farmer’s Market, CVS, and a store to buy some picture frames.  Both Zelia and Robyn have stopped by and have since left.  It’s sunny and hot and if I can’t be beachside, I’d rather stay in. 

I have lunch; a bowl of gazpacho soup with my 400-page book (Fatihful Place).  

A while later, I make some100-calorie no-taste popcorn and read about 10 more pages.  Once the popcorn is gone, my interest in reading goes with it.

So I take a ten minute break, and check emails.  It’s a summer Saturday, not even worth checking.  I go to the refrigerator and cut up some watermelon so I can try reading more.

But now I’m sleepy (the book is good but slow, one of those mysteries with lots of character development and slow builds).  I eat a small bag of WW Chocolate Pretzels to wake me up.  They have the opposite effect.

I take an hour’s nap.  Something I never ever do.  When I wake up, I grab my book and a WW’s English Toffee Crunch Ice Cream Bar.

By 6:30, I’ve read about 70 pages, and have probably eaten half that in points.

Not a good ratio.  Good that I didn't read the whole book today.

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