Monday, July 25, 2011

favorite cape foods (lyn)

New York is known worldwide for its cuisine.  But there are a few must-haves when I visit the Cape. 

  • A half sandwich from Dean’s Deli (honey roasted turkey, provolone cheese, a little lettuce, a few onions, cut up pickles, honey mustard and mayo).
  • A $13 lobster roll from Cataumet Fish, where the mayo is perfectly balanced with the fresh lobster meat.
  • A minimum two and a half pound lobster from either The Clam Man or Cataumet Fish (both places steam and crack the lobsters for you… just pick them up and eat them, and at $10.99/pound, it’s, as my mother would say, “A real bah-gin.”
  • A wildberry pie from Dana’s Kitchen.
  • A cinnamon bun from the same place.
  • Fresh herbs from my mother’s garden.
  • Fried Clams from Crabapple’s.
  • A double-scoop SMALL moose track ice-cream from Lazy Sundaes, the perfect small-town neighborhood ice-cream parlor.

I eat all of the above in the five days I am gone (except for the cinnamon bun which I bring home for tomorrow), plus a very large ribeye steak, Jean’s homemade banana bread, a breakfast of eggs, bacon and English muffins, Jean’s double-baked potatoes, and strawberry shortcake.

I leave weighing 122.2  and return weighing 121.8.

There must be magic in the Cape air.

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