Tuesday, July 12, 2011

eating out with Alexander (lyn)

Three things:

  1. Alexander likes steak.
  2. This is Restaurant Week.
  3. I want Alexander to have some good memories of the two of us eating out together at a nice restaurant (which is something we almost never do).
That is why I make a reservation at Capital Grille for dinner tonight.  I ate there twice in February to celebrate with friends (once for a birthday and once as a thank-you).  I promised Alexander that the two of us would go during the next Restaurant Week, which is now here.  Normally, the kona-crusted steak and salad would cost $55.  Tonight, though, the same steak (well actually, it’s only 14 ounces vs. the normal-sized 18 ounces) and salad, plus two sides and dessert are $35 total.  It’s a great deal.  Even with the bone-in four-ounce smaller-but still gigantic-steak.

Throughout the day, I save my appetite, eating only the leftover broccoli dish from last night.  I add some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber and the resulting salad is perfect.

Alexander is arriving the same time I am.  It is brutally hot, and I notice the back of his shirt is wet.  But still, he looks handsome in a dress shirt and tie.  We have the requisite steak (I take some home), salad (Caesar for Alexander, greens-only for me), mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and flourless chocolate cake for dessert.  Dinner is great, but not exceptional, and while our server (Adam) is nice, he would probably do better in another type of job.

We get home and separate….me in my room to watch TV and read the paper, Alexander in the living room to watch more episodes of South Park via Apple TV.  Around 11, I hear activity in the kitchen.  Dishes are being moved about, the refrigerator is opened, and food is being prepared.  Just some toast, but still.

As mature as he may look, Alexander is like a baby that needs to be fed every few hours.  I wish he were.  Then I’d get to live with him another 18 years.

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