Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the lost month (m)

I get an email from my friend, Heidi:  "Where have you been?" she asks. 

My apologies to all of you for dropping out of the blogsphere.  This has been a most insane month.

I will cut to the chase and tell you that the only thing I have lost this time.  Not one pound.   I now find myself in "T Minus 10 Months" mode with regards to hitting my goal by the time the boys graduate next May.    The math still works (50 pounds in 10 months) but it's Step It Up time.  I will have to be a model student at Weight Watchers to pull this off.

The good news is that I have not gone on any binges.  I have kept my weight in check.  If I've had a piece of carrot cake or cotton candy, I've also gone on more bike rides.

I've also kept track of stories to tell you.

So, in this installment, I will give you some headlines and then fill in the individual stories later.


  • rescuing Patty's eggplant
  • bike ride with my husband
  • caring for the aunties
  • getting a major project approved
  • going to Martha's Vineyard with Sam and my nephew, Michael
  • hosting the Italian skaters
  • getting a board position
  • cleaning out my mother's house
  • senior parent assignment
  • painting the exterior of our house
  • going to New York to see Lyn, A and J
  • C's memorial service
  • A's illness
  • acupuncture
  • dinner with the S family
  • Fourth of July
  • college trips with Harrison
  • hosting a 40th anniversary party

I'm back.

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