Saturday, July 9, 2011

pancakes for breakfast (lyn)

I wake Alexander and tell him I’m going to make him a nice breakfast.  I’ve already been to the farmer’s market and now have fresh farm eggs, milk and bread.  The gorgeous blueberries and raspberries are courtesy of Costco.

Alexander at first declines, because he doesn’t want to clean up (I cook; he cleans is the general rule), but I am so into making these blueberry pancakes that I offer to do both.

I use Bisquick, something I saw my sister use for a fantastic strawberry shortcake when we were on the Cape.  This same mixture, with different ingredients added, also makes great pancakes.  It’s a first-time purchase for me.

The pancakes come out looking perfect.  Alexander loves them.  And much as I want one to, I stick to only coffee and fresh fruit. 

As a show of appreciation, Alexander goes to kiss me, and then remembers.  “Aagh, why didn’t you remind me?”  he yells.  Instead I get a thank-you.

Sleep has not improved my monstrous look.

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