Friday, July 8, 2011

special sizes (m)

Harrison's coach stops me today.  "M...for this upcoming competition....can you try to get him a navy and white striped tee-shirt as a placeholder until his costume is done?"  Harrison is a gondolier this year.  This replaces the Jesus Christ Superstar outfit we agonized over last year.

Where do you go for a striped tee shirt?  J. Crew was my first choice.

I look at the drop down index on the website.  "Special sizes" catches my eye.  Could be because I just went shopping for pants for myself today.

If you've ever seen a J. Crew catalogue, all the clothes are for tall, thin people.

Imagine my surprise--nay, astonishment-- to learn that "special sizes" to the folks at J. Crew mean two things:  Tall.....and Thin.

What is so special about that?

I want to call them up and suggest they get a glimpse of the real world and consider Short and Fat as options for the rest of us.

I got the tee shirts at another store.

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