Saturday, October 15, 2011

a busy saturday (lyn)

The rain has finally stopped.  It’s a sunny, crisp, fall day, and I have lots to do.

I get on the scale and I’m 121.2.  I don’t know if it’s the tracking or if my scale was off on Tuesday when it read 125.4, but as long as I’m 122 or less, I’m happy.  I take Valerie’s suggestion and go online to learn the art of blow-drying hair.  I watch a 3-minute YouTube video and it really helps.  I do a fairly decent job, and my sister is right.  As silly and vain as it may sound, when my hair looks good, I feel better.

I go to the Farmer’s Market and pick up my usual order of corn, tomatoes, a small sugar-free apple pie, red pepper, and lots of apples of different varieties.  I then cave and buy a cinnamon swirl roll and a chocolate croissant, which I wasn’t going to list, but feel I have to.  If I’m not going to be truthful in my own blog, why bother?

I do some errands at home, including returning a book I recently bought through Amazon. I got it for my book club, but it doesn’t appeal to me and there are so many other books I’d rather invest time in.  I go through the necessary online steps to return the book (it cost $11) and then get this pop-up message at the end, “Keep this book.  Because you are a valued customer, we will process your refund and this book does not need to be returned.”  How sweet. 

I clip on my Fitbit and decide to walk the four miles downtown to see a new Adam Rapp play, Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling with Christine Lahti.  The ticket cost $3.50, I have a great seat, and the 80-minute play is highly entertaining.  Still, when the play ends, I feel as if I’ve watched a great bit of absurd theater with no idea of its meaning.  No one around me seems to have a clue either (I know this because I ask them what the play is about, and they are bewildered too).

I have a couple of hours to kill before meeting Zelia for a screening of a new George Clooney movie (The Descendants) so I stop by Whole Foods and grab a zero-point salad for a late lunch. 

There’s a Q&A after the movie with the whole cast and the director, Alexander Payne.  The intelligence of film people always surprises me.  As for Mr. Clooney... well, he seems pretty much perfect (handsome, humble, funny and kind).  Zelia even gets her picture taken with him.

After the screening, we have a late dinner at Steak Frites.  Zelia is a good influence and I have seared tuna, no dessert, and a large glass of good red wine. By the time we leave the restaurant, I fully understand why people like to drink.

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