Tuesday, October 25, 2011

end of an era (m)

My weight increased commensurate with my advancement at work.  By the time I was President of a global business unit, I was at the high end of plus sizes.  I had to dress like the professional I was.  The problem was, there were very few options.

My office was in the Prudential Center in Boston. There was a Saks Fifth Avenue in the complex.  Imagine my surprise...and delight...when Salon Z debuted.  A shop of designer clothes for women sized 14-24.  Donna Karan, Dana Buchman, Eileen Fisher, Marina Rinaldi, Saks' own label and many more. 

Salon Z was tucked discretely away from the petites department and the salewomen were oversized but well-groomed.  It was as pleasant a shopping experience as one could hope for given our sizes.

Over the years, I made friends with the women who worked there.  Maureen was my favorite. She was aggressive and stylish and knew what worked for me and always called me when something she thought I should have became available.  It was a mutually beneficial relationship.

I haven't shopped there in three years since I retired from work.  The clothes I bought there are too big now and many have been given away (my mother had suggested I go to a shelter in some economically depressed area with women who are" big like you were.").

Today, I get a letter in the mail from Saks Fifth Avenue.  Due to declining business, they are closing down the Salon Z sections of all Saks stores.  They offer me a $100 gift certificate to Saks as a thank you for my business.

I hope I didn't single-handedly bring them down.

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