Thursday, October 6, 2011

dinner at ithaka-- the restaurant, not the town (lyn)

No, we didn’t choose this restaurant for its name.  Zelia recommended it and because tonight we are celebrating her birthday, this is where we go.  It’s a small group, just me, Zelia, Shari and Janice. 

We meet at a quiet Greek restaurant on the east side.  It’s a perfect place for good food and good conversation, and we have much of both.  The mood is more somber than usual, as much of the night’s conversation is on Shari’s friend (J) whom we all know.  But we also share stories about our kids and our lives, and reflect on our faiths and mortality.  I feel lucky to be in the company of such interesting, smart and dynamic women.  Each is accomplished and each brings spirit and humor to the many topics we discuss, even the more serious ones.

The Branzino I have for a main course is outstanding.  But the night is made special by what’s around the table, not on it.

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