Saturday, October 22, 2011's still october? (m)

This is the month that wouldn't end.  I can't even remember where I left off blogging.  I'm down a few pounds but only because I've been too busy to eat.

Let me catch you up:

-two-day offsite seminar with my alma mater.  Dinner at a hotel where the staff recognized me from all the meetings I attend there ( that you?  You went to college here?).  Dessert was created by the Physics Department!  Interesting to look at but entirely inedibleWeight went down during this time.

-Sam came home from mid-term break.  Laundry up the ying-yang. Also, he had a surgical procedure which stressed me out, especially since my husband took him (because I was in the seminar) and, when I called to see how Sam was, my husband said, "How should I know....I'm waiting for him in the car."  Seriously.  My blood pressure went through the roof at that moment.  Ate a box of Special K crackers that day.  Weight went up the next day.

-Harrison turned 18 years old.  Eighteen years gone in a flash...very emotional day for me.  Made his favorite meal for his birthday....steak, mashed potatoes, green beans. Weight went up the next day.

-Harrison is deciding whether to apply early action, early decision, etc to colleges.  He won't let me see his essay.  Weight went down the next  two days from worrying.

-My dentist, also a skating father, roped me into hosting a celebrity skater for three nights last weekend.  She was in town from California to do a charity benefit.  Family had a meeting deciding which room to put her in.   Had to buy a bed frame for the room. Harrison skated in the show with her.  Got all healthy snacks for her and for the family.  Sam decided breads are "wasted carbs."  We ate fruit, veggies, yogurt. We all lost weight that weekend.

-Hosted a dinner for all the skaters that Sunday night.  60 people.  Chicken, fish, greens, salad, apple cobbler.  Drank wine and sat with the Russians who won two gold medals in the Olympics during the 1960s.    Husband recently had a stroke (April) and yet he performed in the show that evening.  Felt like a slug next to him and his wife who had approximately 4 oz. of chicken and four green beans.  Had three glasses of wine at dinner as I was relieved this weekend was coming to an end.  Russian man took my picture.  Looked like Lindsay Lohan on a bad day.  Weight stayed the same.

-Finished a project for the medical school.  Stressed to the gills since I can't understand what they are saying as they are not good with words.  Ate a whole Lindt chocolate orange bar the night I had to put the presentation together.  Face broke out two days later.  Didn't bother to weigh myself.

-Went with my niece, J, to look for wedding dresses.  Found one in the first store we went to.  She's a little overweight.  Went to check the price of the dress and saw that for sizes over size 12, the dress costs more.  Niece shrugged and said, "Must be a fat tax".  We both felt fat.

-Got elected to the Board of Directors for a bank.  Was nominated by the husband of my friend Anne (who recently passed away).  He and I haven't seen each other since her funeral.  Bittersweet reunion.  We sat at the same table for dinner.  I had turkey slices on lettuce and one piece of fudge.  Weight went up the next day.

-Cousin M, the elderly woman who couldn't pee, was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  My brother Phil brought her and the aunties to my house for lunch the other day.  Made them a big lunch and homemade desserts and packed all the leftovers up for them to take home the next day.  Said goodbye to Cousin M and had a good cry.

-Harrison's girlfriend organized a surprise birthday party for him last night.  I dropped off the cake and then my husband and I and 6 parents ate in a nearby restaurant waiting for the kids to finish.  Had salad with just vinegar dressing and baked schrod.  Was excited about weighing in on Saturday morning.

Woke up Saturday morning and missed the Weight Watchers meeting as I overslept.

Looked at the calendar this morning.  It's still October.


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