Saturday, October 29, 2011

how bad is bad? (lyn)

Bad is when your hotel advertises free shuttle service back and forth to Cornell, but when you call at 4, you are told, “I’m sorry but the van is out right now, but we can send someone to pick you up around 5:30.”

Very bad is when you return to your room at 10:30 PM, having gotten up at 4:30 AM, and the door you just opened won’t close, and an engineer needs to come to your room and practically dismantle the entire lock system to get the door to close.

But very very bad is when you plug your phone in at night to charge it, using the outlet next to your bed, and wake up the next morning to a dead cell phone because the outlet near your bed only works when the light switch near the door is turned on.

The coffee, though, is good, and so is the $268 I save when I don’t have to pay for one night.  Next time, I’ll try and book more than five months in advance so I don’t get stuck at a Holiday Inn that charges like a Westin.

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