Monday, October 24, 2011

one meal a day (lyn)

Gail and I are seeing a movie at four, so she invites me to a late lunch at Bice, an upscale Northern Italian restaurant near the Sony screening room. 

The restaurant is bustling with business diners when we arrive at 1:30.  I follow Gail’s lead and order a green salad and branzino, or more specifically, grilled branzino with lemon and pine nut sauce served with brussel sprouts and cherry tomatoes.  I can’t remember ever having a more perfectly prepared fish.  It is amazing.  The bread, champagne, and cappuccino are the only added extras.  By the time we leave the restaurant, around three, the waiters are hanging out at the back tables and all the other diners have gone.

It is only eight by the time I get home, and I am not hungry.  I have a few scoops of Agata’s pear sorbet and call that dinner. 

Before going to bed I weigh myself.  Only 120.  Maybe I shouldn’t tease my parents when they want to eat at three for a combined dinner-lunch.   There may be something to a one-meal plan.

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