Thursday, October 13, 2011

poor reason to say no (lyn)

My sister calls and suggests lunch.  I can’t go.  First, I am already committed on points.  I have the steak I bought yesterday along with the flan for dessert and grilled vegetables.  That alone is 22 points, leaving 7 for the rest of the day.  And I’ve already used 2 of those 7 for the half and half I had in my coffee.  I know I can just eat a small salad but I also know how unsatisfying that would be.  If it were just the points, I would go.  But then there’s the issue of my hair.  It looks horrid on a sunny day and today is humid, cloudy and drizzly.  And yes, my sister would notice, as she always looks fabulous with her thick, gorgeous, blond, hair…the kind people dream of having.  We get in a discussion about how bad my hair looked on break fast (and that was after I had tried blowing it dry and even flat ironing it).  She can’t understand (nor can I, quite frankly) why I can’t blow it out myself.  My sister suggests I use the Internet to figure out the mechanics and then practice.  I know she’s right.  I can’t hide in my apartment because my hair looks bad.  She did say something sweet.  “You have a great face and you can always look good.”  In other words, imagine my potential if I learned how to manage my hair.  

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