Thursday, October 20, 2011

productive day in (lyn)

I bookend the day with activity (morning walk with Pam and evening screening with Corinne) but make good use of my time at home in-between.

I make squash-apple soup (zero points).  It’s delicious, easy to make, and provides an excuse to use my emulsifier.

Jason from North Pole Cooling calls.  He’s the young, competent, very-nice owner of an air-conditioning company.  He and his employee Carleton have been to my home four times since September to check on my faulty new Friederich’s AC that my building finally gave me in June.  After several unsuccessful attempts to fix it, Jason calls with good news:  “We are going to replace your AC with a brand new one.”  I love Jason.

A man from Bloomingdales comes later in the day.  The down and feather cushions on my Ralph Lauren sectional, bought four years ago, are not holding up the way I think they should.  The man inspects them, takes some pictures, and says Bloomingdales will get back to me.  Two hours later I get a call.  “Hi.  We got the report on your sofa.  The five seat cushions have lost some feathers but this is normal wear and tear.  However, we will replace the insides for you.  Should take about 4-6 weeks.”  Wow.  This will be like getting a new sofa.  I love Bloomingdales too.

I get two major new items without spending any money, and I have a healthy, low-point lunch made for a week.  It is a successful stay-at-home day.

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