Sunday, October 23, 2011

a good plan gone bad (lyn)

So the rules for this Keratin treatment are pretty simple:  Don’t wash your hair for three days and don’t get it wet.

I've barely gone out this entire weekend.  A quick trip to the Farmer’s Market with Robyn on Saturday was my sole outdoor activity.  Today, I’d prefer to stay in again, but Meredith and I have plans to see a play, We Live Here.

The weather is sunny and no rain is predicted.  Walking the two miles to the theater should not be a problem.  The day is beautiful.  Cool, cloudless, and about 60. 

I have an unhealthy breakfast (a cinnamon roll from the Farmer’s Market) so I grab only an apple for lunch.  I walk through Central Park and feel good just to be a part of this great city.

I’m about ten minutes from the theater when I feel something wet fall on my head.  There is no rain in sight, so I am hoping it’s from an air conditioner, even though it’s cool outside and I'm nowhere near a window.  I put my hand in my hair and come away with brown mush on my fingertips.  I haven’t accounted for a pigeon pooping on my head.

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