Saturday, October 29, 2011

cold day of eating poorly (lyn)

Wake up to a sunless day. It’s thirty-four degrees, with an expected low in the twenties. I definitely brought the wrong coat.  It’s cold and damp and I don’t want to be outside.  Alexander says he needs to study and can’t spend time with me during the day.  We have tickets to a hockey game at night but  we end up cancelling;  it’s much too cold to sit in a rink.

I wander the city-like campus alone.  Even on a grey day it is beautiful.  I take some pictures, and a stranger offers to take one of me. I have fallen in love with this school, and understand why Alexander is so happy here.

I eat poorly:  a chocolate croissant for breakfast and a slice of pizza for lunch.  I go to an exhibit on the history of photography, and spend more time than I should in the bookstore.

I meet up with Alexander and his roommate around 7, and it takes us an hour to decide where to go for dinner.  The problem is timing.  Alexander wants to be back at his dorm by 9:30 “at the latest” in order to go out with his friends.  Finally, we agree to go to Ithaca Commons, and find something there.  We end up at Viva Taqueria, a restaurant that advertises itself as “Fresh Healthy Mexican Food.”  I doubt the accuracy of the second adjective.

We start with homemade chips and salsa followed by “super” nachos.  The super must refer to super fattening.

We all get fajitas accompanied by many more unhealthy foods and flan for dessert.  

It’s a fun dinner. I leave feeling truly disgusted and wondering if the clothes I brought to wear tomorrow will still fit.  Alexander is only worried about getting back to his dorm in time to go out partying later.   Yes, I can definitely see why he loves it here.

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