Wednesday, October 12, 2011

re-starting (lyn)

I call and reinstate myself into Weight Watchers etools (the part that allows me to track what I eat online).  Next, I unwrap a food scale I had gotten months ago and never used (it was a replacement for an old WW scale that had broken).  Once I figured out how to open the battery door, I was armed and ready.

Zelia and I drive out to Queens and go to one of our favorite, and hugely inexpensive restaurants, Brazil Café Grill.  For $15, I buy dinner for three nights. 

I get home and go through my old routine.  I weigh the pork chops for tonight’s dinner-147 grams for 6 points.  I eyeball the mashed potatoes (no way am I putting them in a measuring container to find out if they really are half a cup). I divide the sirloin into two servings of 165 grams each.  I calculate the points and add them into my dinners for tonight, tomorrow and Friday.  While I am at the scale, I also cut up and weigh some mozzarella cheese that I have leftover from Alexander’s visit.  The cheese I cut up is 8 points.  

I sit down for dinner.  Mashed potatoes.  Pork chops.  And a mozzarella-tomato salad.  I decide the 9 points for the salad isn't worth it, and throw the cheese out.  The tomatoes alone are good enough.

I  meet Robyn for a screening of The Ides of March, feeling thinner already.

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