Monday, October 31, 2011

a new skill (lyn)

Shari calls to tell me about a new pop-up store on Madison, Joe Fresh-stylish, good quality clothes that are cheap (cashmere V-necks for $69, jeans for $39, nice cotton T’s for $19).  I agree to go, more to see Shari and take a walk than to spend money.

It’s a big, cavernous store with clothes of all colors and styles.  I try on a couple of things, and then miraculously choose to buy nothing.  But I notice the attentive salesperson who has a flat board, about 9" x 12", and he’s using it to fold some sweaters.  I’m entranced.  I ask him if I can buy one of the boards, but of course they are not for sale.  “Honestly,” he tells me, “You can use about anything.  Even a cutting board.”

After dinner, while watching a DVR'ed Good Wife, I find a clipboard and redo the sweaters in my closet. 

At 58, I joined Weight Watchers and learned how to eat right.  At 59, I learned how to make soup and use an emulsifier.  And now, at 60, I finally learn how to fold sweaters as neatly as the ones I see in stores.  Life is truly thrilling.

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