Sunday, October 2, 2011

I don't think so...(m)

My husband has a business colleague who asked him if I would be interested in a consulting project with a cosmetic company.  No heavy lifting, pays well.

My husband pimps me out and says he's pretty sure I'd be interested.

The colleague's company is in Cambridge, MA, near MIT.  Easy commute.

I send my resume to the colleague and wait to hear.  What, by the way, is the cosmetic company, I ask.

It's in Lima, Peru.  You may have to travel there once, he says.

I google "cosmetic companies in Lima, Peru."  Before I can attempt to identify the company, something catches my eye.  It's a CBS news article, "Peruvian Gang Killing Humans, Selling Fat to Cosmetic Companies."

I picture me, chopped up into pieces, supplying all of Peru and Europe with my excess adipose tissue.

Yeah, I'm not going to Peru.

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