Friday, October 28, 2011

a hurried lunch (lyn)

I arrive around 10:30 and go to Alexander's room; he's in class but his genuinely charming roommate Ben is there. We talk for a half hour until Alexander shows up.  I make his bed and organize a few things.  

A few minutes after arriving Alexander says,  "I don't have much time; I need to study before my Spanish class.  Let's grab some lunch."  His welcome is a little underwhelming.  He's told me that the food is good, and now I see why. We go to one of the 30 on-campus eating places, and get to choose from sandwich bars, salad bars, hot food area, desserts, and on and on.  

I think when I went to college we ate at the same place every day and there was one line for food.  That was it.  I end up having a chicken salad sandwich, a small green oriental salad, and a sugar cookie for dessert. I'm taking a break this week from tracking.  More than that, I’m taking a break from careful eating.  Alexander leaves me before I'm done.  "Sorry, but I've gotta do some work before class." And he's off.  I'm left with my cookie and an open afternoon.

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