Friday, September 17, 2010

an afternoon with pennelope (lyn)

Today I meet a friend who is a docent at a downtown museum.  She is giving a tour and I decide to attend.  I’ve done this before with her, and her knowledge of art awes me.  As well as other things about her.

She’s had a very tough year.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago.  Went through surgery, chemo and radiation and never once looked sick and remained strong throughout.  She is now cancer-free and looks fabulous, still.  Her daughter, with whom she is very close, went off to college this fall.  Her husband of 28 years suddenly decided he wanted to be a free man.  No explanation.  No discussion.  But my friend’s approach is to dive back into life.  She rightfully criticized me for not being active enough.  She has the right.  Within the past few weeks, she’s done the following:  Trekked with her daughter though Sri Lanka (she frequently takes exotic trips).  Took an intensive course at the Landmark Forum which “helps you create a future of your own design.”  Went on a "mystery bus ride" originating in Queens, leaving at 8am, and returning at midnight.  In between the bus stopped at many unusual places (including a Buddhist monastery, an artist’s community, and a man who raises birds, falcons, I think).  Enrolled in a course on astrology.  Went for an organized walk from tip to tip of Manhattan.  So that’s what Pennelope’s been doing in answer to the question, “What’s new?”

Me?  Well, let’s see.  I’ve been writing this blog.  Flirting with an old boyfriend via email and phone.  (Today he told me he had to schedule a two-hour session with his occasional psychiatrist because of me;  I was flattered).  Not tracking, but eating carefully.  Seeing friends.  Helping Alexander (and bugging him) about his college applications and essays.  Hmm, not much.

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